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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Syllabus Content


Introduction to Operations Management and Productivity
1.1   Overview of Operations Management
1.2   Organizing to produce goods and services
1.3   Production and its relationship with other departments
1.4   Trends in Operations Management
1.5   Productivity issues
Operations Strategy and Competitiveness
2.1   Developing missions and strategies
2.2   Achieving competitive advantage through operations
2.3   Strategic Operations Management decisions
2.4   Global operations strategy options
2.5   Importance of information system in operation strategies
Product Design in Manufacturing
3.1   Product selection
3.2   Product design and development
3.4   Product technology
Location Strategy
4.1   Factors in location consideration
4.2   Methods of evaluating location alternatives
Process Strategies and Layout Design
5.1   Process strategies in manufacturing and services
5.2   Process design
5.3   Process technology
5.4   Types and selection of layout
Job Design
6.1   Components of job design
6.2   Behavioral considerations in job design
6.3   Concepts of work measurement
Capacity and Aggregate Planning
7.1   Understanding Capacity
7.2   The planning process
7.3   Aggregate planning strategies
Operations Scheduling
8.1   Scheduling of manufacturing operations
8.2   Scheduling of service operations
Inventory Management
9.1   Functions of inventories
9.2   Classifications of inventory
9.3   Inventory management techniques
9.4   JIT inventory systems 
Project Management
10.1   Phases in project management
10.2   Project management techniques: Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM)
Maintenance Management
11.1  Preventive maintenance
11.2  Breakdown maintenance
Quality Management
12.1  Concept of quality
12.2  Dimensions of quality
12.3  Implications of quality
12.4  Total quality management
12.5  Costs of quality

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