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Monday, January 10, 2011


FIN426 Banking Operations & Documentation
(Jan – Apr 2011)               
HASBULLAH OTHMAN, Faculty of Business Management

Chapter coverage
Seminar IV (Sunday)

Chapter : 1 - 7
1.       Test I and II will be conducted on the same day.
2.       Begin with test I for 30 minutes; discussion for test I;  follow by test II (30 minutes) and discussion for test II.
3.       Group basis of 4 - mixed gender (keep the same group for both tests and group assignment)
4.       No replacement test.
5.       If you miss the test due to MC, inform me on the 5th seminar – you will be given 4 individual assignments (5 pages each – similar format with individual assignments) of which to be submitted within 24 hours .
Seminar IV (Sunday)

Chapter : 8 -11

Due date
Type of assignment
Individual (I)
Before coming for Seminar II on 23/2/2011
Topic to be discussed:
The evolution of Banking Industries in Malaysia since 1996 to 2010. Explain

1.       Your task is to come out with a 5-page of comments on the issue, inclusive of cover page and at least 5 references.
2.       Free format (words, power point, etc). However the choice of font must be readable.
3.       Penalty will be applied on:
a.       Late submission.
b.      Comment of more or less than 5 pages.
c.       However, min marks is set at 3.75%
4.       No hard copy is required BUT you need to submit your assignment to specific forum @ Iclass.
5.       Paste your assignment I at forum – Week 4; Submit your asg I here!
6.       Paste your assignment II at forum – Week 10; Submit your asg II here!
7.       Only assignments posted at the right forum will be evaluated.
Individual (II)
Before coming for Seminar IV on 13/3/2011
Topic to be discussed:
Refer to Appendix I below.

Individual (III)
On going.
Committment via posting at I-Class.
1.       To paticipate in I-Class forum.
2.       0.1 mark will be awarded for 1 hit in the forum – max marks of 5; i.e., 50 hits
3.       ‘Noted’ is not acceptable as proof of participation. This action will lead to the deletion of the total posts made by you and your friends!
4.       The last hit to the forum is set on the 10th of April 2010. No more marks will be awarded for posting made after this date!
Before coming for Seminar V on 27/3/2011 (Soft copy)
Manual FIN426
1.       This is a group assignment.
2.       Group basis of 4 mixed gender (keep the same group for both tests and group assignment)
3.       Your task is to come with up-to-date manual for FIN426. You are allowed to use the material available at I-Class, internet, journal, etc  for this purpose.
4.       The soft copy of the assignment shall be posted to forum in I-Class; Week 12; ‘paste your group asg here’.
5.       Please bring your manual on the 5th seminar (hard copy)- we will evaluate the manual accordingly.
6.       Evaluation will be made based on the content and and also on the outlook! People always judge the book by its cover!
Total carry marks

Appendix I
The question for individual Assignment no 2:
Encik Eqmal Ammar Danial is a well known architect in Malaysia. He is the owner of Eqmal Architecture which employs 100 architects. Recently, his name appears in Times Magazines as one of ‘Top 10 richest man in Malaysia’.
As a result, he currently decided to build a new office at his own land located at Bandar Enstek, a development project by Tabung Haji Properties in Negeri Sembilan. The cost of the building is estimated around RM13 Million. Encik Eqmal has an intention to get bank’s financing to partly finance the construction of this building; at least on 75% of MOA (margin of advance).
You, as the corporate account manager for Hasbul Bank needs to evaluate Encik Eqmal’s request based on the five (5) principles of ‘good lending’.

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