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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

FIN426 - My expectation for Assignment no# 1

Dear All
  • I believed that I have explained what I need from your asg. no. 1 in class.
  • Nevertheless, with due respect that I'm dealing with Degree student - I purposely come out with 'general' question; so that you are free to pen-out anything on the Malaysian banking evolution. However, the mark that you will get will be based on your story board. We like to add up more ingridients in our cooking rather than eating a plain poridge! If you believe that - evolution in the banking is only about changes in IT; you are allowed to pen-it down.
  • Yet, I have mentioned that you need to read chapter 1 to chapter 3 in order to anwer the asg. no. 1; of which I have mentioned the 'story' in your manual stopped at year 2000.
  • I also believed that you can find million references (in term of web page - I guess!) but that is why I'm only looking for 5 pages of asg. inclusive of cover page and at least 5 references. Most of you are working and we have no time to read grandma story  and to come out with interesting '5 pages on the topic of banking's evolution' indeed is the challenge!
Hasbullah Othman

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