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Monday, January 10, 2011


OPM530 Introduction to Operations Management
(Jan – Apr 2011)                                                                                            
HASBULLAH OTHMAN, Faculty of Business Management

Chapter coverage
12/2/2011 (Saturday)
8.30 am
Chapter : 1, 2, 5 & 8 of text book
1.       Combine test for BM (225 & 230) and AS (201) - 80 students
2.       30 minutes test.
3.       Place: Dewan @ AS (Class rep for AS201 to book).
2/4/2011 (Saturday)
8.30 am
Rest of the chapters

Due date
Type of assignment
Journal review
1.       Choose any journal related to Operations Management – any topic in OPM530 syllabus.
2.       The journal must be 20 pages at least.
3.       Print the journal; 2 pages per sheet and used front & back.
4.       Come out with comment on the journal; 1 page only – hand written.
5.       Attach the comment with copy of the journal and submitt to the class rep.
6.       Class rep will submit once all done.
7.       Penalty will be applied on:
a.       Late submission
b.      Comment more or less than 1 page
8.       Make sure your work is presentable – your mark depend on it!
Following week
Group exercise
1.       At least 3 questions will be given as group execrcise for each chapter (minimum 3 questions X 13 chapters)
2.       Submit the exercise on the following week.
3.       It should be hand-written. Choose only one person to write for each submission.
2nd week of April 2011 (between 4th to 8th April 2011)
Video Project
1.      Your group is required to visit any organization of your choice for the purpose of the project paper.  The project paper shall be in form of video, of which must include the following:
a)                  Process Strategy
Determine which process strategies or matrix strategy appropriate the organization is using
Explain in detail and relate to the theory learned in class
b)                  Location Strategy
Describe the location of the organization of your choice
Discuss why you think the organization is located where it is.  Has the location benefited the organization
c)                   Layout Strategy
Describe the layout strategy the organization is using and relate to the theory
2.      Maximum 6 members per group and must be a mix gender basis.
3.      The lenght of the video presentation shall be 10 minutes. Penallty will be applied applied If the video is less or more than 10 minutes.
4.       Your mark will be based on:
a.     10% - creativity of the video, its clearity and also on the quality of the recording.
b.     10% - content according tho the instruction.
5.      The overall 20% marks will be based on the average mark given by the other groups and lecturer.
Total carry marks

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