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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Group Assignment for FIN426

  1. For info; as at 13/2/2011; there are 33 students in Group A; 34 in Group B & 30 in Group C.
  2. So, by then, there are: 7 groups of 4 members + 1 group of 5 members for GROUP A; 6 groups of 4 members + 2 groups of 5 members for GROUP B; 5 groups of 4 members + 2 group of 5 members for GROUP C.
  3. For group of 5 members - there shall be at least one MALE and not more than TWO.
  4. Take initiative to come out with list of groups.
  5. By 3rd seminar; no more issues on grouping. If you have problems, prepare the list of groups (one list per GROUP A, B & C) and we resolve in Seminar III.
  6. You better start doing your group Assignment now.

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