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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Loan "oh" loan

CQC Region Selangor / NS - 1997
I still remember during the time when I was a Credit Quality Officer attached at Maybank Region Selangor and Negeri sembilan way bank in 1997-1999. My main task was to evaluate loan/financing put up by branch / business unit - from RM5k up to RM100 million. In a day, one officer needs to process 7 papers; fresh, renewal, temporary facilities etc.

To process commercial loan, per say RM25Million, you were given only 3 days. But if you have 7 papers a day- it mean that you have to read,understand the case within hours. Mind you, in a day, there is only 8 hours of official working time. Let say you doing at home for another 8 hours; total 16 hours divide by 7 papers = not more than 3 hours to recommend either the applicant to be approved / rejected.

But Alhamdulliah, experience is your best friend; Allah the almighty will help you if you seek His mercy! I believed that if I've done such a 'suck' recommendation such as current issue of "RM18 Million loan was approved without proper evaluation" - Maybank by now, will be part of history!

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