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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Konsert Keunggulan 33 tahun Francissca Peter @ Istana Budaya - 5th February 2011

The concert only started at 9.05pm although we have been in the hall since 8.10pm. However, a superb music arrangement by Dato haji Ramli M.S plus the powerful performance by Fran (& Roy) glued us to the seats until 11.45pm.

It has been 26 years since I listen to her songs and yet her voice remains unchanged. Fran; Thanx for the memory and it was our advance 15 years wedding anniversary celebration coming to 25th February 2011.

"Sejak kau wujud dalam hidupku
Semuanya telah terpadam
Bak bayangan yang indah di malam purnama
Ditelan mentari pagi

Apa disentuh sejarah dulu
Hanya menyakit hati sendiri
Telah ditemukan kita berdua
Engkaulah sinar hidupku"

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